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What all you need to know about Yuyyu TV

Yuyyu TV is one of the most popular chat sites that encourage people from all over the world to mix with each other. It has a user-friendly interface that is well protected and is imbibed with various features that makes chatting a great pleasure. Here are some FAQs that you would like to know before using this chat site.

How can you start chatting?

How to view webcams? To start viewing the webcam, connect the webcam and press on the start button. Press on allow or deny for access to the webcam and once you enter the details you can share your webcam with others.

How can I filter people?

If you do not want to talk to a stranger, you can always filter the stranger from the block option. You can filter users according to the location. If you do not like a person you can just skip over and a new person would appear.

How can I chat with strangers?

You can chat with strangers either by a microphone or by text chat options.

Can I choose the people I would like to chat with?

Yes. You can choose the location, the language and the gender as well as the topics of discussions you would like to chat on.

The privacy policy

Can other users view my webcam?

No. Other users cannot view your webcam unless you give them access to the same.

Can I get naked in front of the camera?

Not at all. Yuyyu TV follows a strict privacy policy where you would not be allowed to act out any pornographic stuff in front of the camera. The website is strictly monitored and any person found violating this rule would be banned from the site.

Can text chat messages be saved?

Yes. Text chat messages between you and the other user can be saved if you wish to.

How can I report abuse?

If you see something acting beyond the law you can always inform the moderators of the website who would take strict action against the same. Press on the report abuse button and your abuse would be reported.

Will my abuse be tracked?

Yes, definitely. After you report abuse, your abuse would be reviewed and accordingly appropriate actions would be taken.

What can I do if I am reported for abuse?

Depending on the action you have committed you can be banned for a week or a few months. A penalty system is implemented where users need to pay a fine and a second chance is given. In case of violation of law in the second chance, you would be absolutely banned from the website

How are users banned?

Users are banned if they do not follow the proper rules. The most common reasons are for acting like a pervert in front of the camera, using offensive language or bullying people.

How can I lift the ban on me?

You would need to pay a penalty amount and wait for some days depending on your action.

How long can the ban last

The ban lasts depending on the activity that has been committed by you. If your action were unforgivable, you would be banned permanently.

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