What are rules that you need to abide by in Yuyyu TV policies?

Yuyyu TV is a live online chatting site where you can chat with people from all over the world. This might make the site a little unsafe and insecure for strangers. Keeping this in mind, Yuyyu TV has formulated a few rules and regulations that users need to abide by while chatting on this site.

Strict privacy policy

Yuyyu TV does not have many rules, but the rule it follows is framed by a strict policy that everyone needs to abide by. Anyone breaking these rules would be banned from the site and strict action would be taken against the same. The rules keep on improvising on a daily basis and thus it is important that users always stay updated and visit the webpage for the new set of rules and regulations.

  • People can use the Yuyyu TV random Chat site over 13 years of age. Children under 13 years are not encouraged to visit this chat site
  • Yuyyu TV does not encourage any offensive language of slangs in the site. There are times when people may get excited while chatting, but keep a strict watch on language .Do not insult other users, mock them or make fun of them.
  • Yuyyu TV does not encourage any kind of sexual behavior or perverted actions. The website is regularly monitored and people spotted to act distortedly will be punished and banned from the website.
  • Do not show any kind of pornographic photographs or do not send any pornographic text messages while chatting on the website.
  • It is strictly prohibited that people touch any intimate part of their body while chatting with the opposite stranger and do not ask for the same as well.
  • Do not use any kind of software that imitates a webcam.
  • You cannot market any products or advertise any personal products through the Yuyyu TV website.
  • No illegal activities are allowed on the website. This involves illegal drugs, violent acts, rape or sexual behavior. No spam is allowed and no one should be asked to answer survey questions.
  • Do not flood the chatting platform with requests that cannot be entertained.
  • Always try and protect your identity. There may be a number of online predators who may be lurching for fraudulent activities. Always try and hide your identity, your contact number, your address and any personal information that might harm you.
  • Do not send any private messages to the host without their permission
  • Do not stalk people in the room because it is offensive and intimidating for the person as well.
  • Do not use any capital letters in the room and do not underline any chat
  • Do not put your email ID or your contact address on the chatting platform.

Well all the users are informed that all of these are some important rules that need to be followed on the Yuyyu TV chat room and if these rules are violated, Yuyyu TV has the right to ban them for some time or even forever depending on the actions that they have committed.